E3D Tool Changer Assembly
E3D Tool Changer Assembly

So you’re looking for the CAD download files…… Well E3D has finally released the files. You can find the files at their Github. https://github.com/e3donline/ToolChanger

E3D ToolChanger Assembled

E3D Tool Changer CAD Assembled
E3D ToolChanger CAD

The E3D tool changer files are published on github but if you’re looking for the assembled files or toolchanger assembly check out EJaworenko on Thingiverse here.

“E3D released their ToolChanger printer design to be open source! Exciting times. I went through the process of assembling the entire printer as a way of studying what they did and why they did certain things while designing a printer based off of it.” -EJaworenko

  • Iges
  • Step
  • Fusion 360 F3Z files
  • DXF

E3D ToolChanger Enclosure

E3D Tool Changer CAD Files 1
E3D Tool Changer Enclosure

Gregory Holloway published the enclosure design on Thingiverse along with many other E3D Toolchanger files such as the ASMBL Subtractive Tool. Greg’s laser-cut acrylic enclosure design is for the ASMBL Subtractive Tool. Check out Gregory’s Thingiverse here.

E3D ToolChanger Clones

While E3D has been perfecting their motion system and toolchanger design it take long for the clever engineering detectives that make up the Reprap community to reverse engineer the motion shystem. Makers have been developing tool changing techniques before E3D changed the game with their new machine. The concept has been presented in many ways but since the E3D MRRF 2019 presentation many inspired designs and clones have appeared. The best one that I have seen is by a Thingiverse User: TPRA.

E3D Tool Changer CAD Files
e3d tool changer clone design open source

TPRA’s FunX4 Toolchanging 3D Printer https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3552566

e3d tool changer clone design open source thingiverse
E3d Tool Changer Clone Design Open Source

First tests here :

Still work in progress :

I’m releasing this now even if not definitive because people asked for it, but it’s still a prototype.” -TPRA
I’ll keep posting updates when i will do some.


Duet Wifi + Duex 5 boards.
Suspended Z
Igus bushings
MGN15 hiwin rails for Z, MGN9 hiwin rails for XY
Openbuilds C-Beams + laser-cut aluminium plates frame
4x titan extruder
4x e3d v6 with threaded heatsink, pt100 sensors and precision cartridges
0.9° steppers, (1.8° for Z, with a 20T/40T pulley system)
PrintBite build surface
Capricorn tubing
MKS DS450 servo
240V heatbed with panasonic SSR
Gates belts
Shoulder screws on every pulley
Hall-effect endstops

E3D Toolchanger Clone
Tool Changer
Tool Changing 3D Printer
Tool Changer
Toolchanger parts
machined aluminum e3d tool changer parts
toolchanger assembled
corexy 3d printer tool changer aluminum metal parts
Aluminum toolchanger parts
e3d tool changer aluminum halo
Duetwifi expansion board
e3d tool changer duet wifi electronics wiring
Duet Wifi expansion board for toolchanger
e3d tool changer duet wifi electronics wiring
E3d tool changer linear rail mount
e3d tool changer linear rail
E3D Tool Changer Electronics
e3d tool changer electronics
Tool-changer aluminum plates
e3d tool changer motor mounting

Kinematic Couplings / Mounts

How to Layout a Kinematic Mount Using the Maxwell Criterion

Practical Precision demonstrates kinematic mount design and layout using the Maxwell criterion.

  • The Maxwell criterion
  • How to layout a kinematic mount using the Maxwell criterion
  • Common kinematic mount layouts
  • Challenging layouts – optical payload for a stabilized gimbal
  • Stability and repeatability over micro assemblies and disassemblies
  • Example of a poor layout for stability and repeatability
  • Satisfying the Maxwell criterion for a planar kinematic mount
  • Instantaneous centers of rotation and the kinematics of the mount

In this video Practical Precision demonstrates how to design and model a kinematic mount in CAD PP uses SolidWorks. Kinematic mounts are useful for precise mounting in highly accurate applications.

  • Principles of kinematic constraint
  • Design of a Maxwell-style kinematic mount
  • Preload mechanisms for kinematic mounts
  • Design considerations Parametric CAD model of a kinematic mount
  • Key challenges of kinematic mount design