Duet 3 Error- Failed To Get List Macros Not Found

Duet 3 Error- Failed To Get List Macros Not Found

Failed To Get File List Directory 0:/macros not found

Failed To Get File List Directory 0:/macros not found

Firmware Folders

Insert sd card in computer and check for proper folders.

Duet3D Troubleshooting 1

Create a folder and name it “macros” if needed.

Duet3D Troubleshooting 2

Duet 3 running in standalone mode

Duet3D Troubleshooting 3

SD Card Folders 

The SD Card Folders must be named exactly as shown below:

  • Firmware
  • Gcodes
  • Macro
  • menu 
  • Sys
  • www 

System Directory

Duet3D Troubleshooting 4
Duet3D Troubleshooting 5

Duet 3 Folder Structure 

Reference https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Firmware_Overview#Section_SD_card_structure

Folder /firmware

Folder /firmware RepRapFirmware v3.3 and later. This holds firmware update files ready for installation.

Folder / gcodes

Folder / gcodes is used to hold g-code files for printing. You can use subfolders of / gcodes to organize these files. G-code files can also be located on an external SD card if one is connected.

Folder /macros 

This is used to hold used-defined macro files. The names of these files appear as menu entries in DuetWebControl and on PanelDue. You can use subfolders of /macros to organize these files. See Macros for examples of useful user macros.

Folder /menu 

This folder contains the files that define the menu layouts for 128×64 pixel monochrome displays. Compatible with Duet 3 mini 5+ and Duet 2 Maestro

Folder /sys 

This folder is used to hold system configuration files and, in all firmware versions before RRF 3.3, firmware update files ready for installation. It should contain at least the following files:


config.g holds the firmware configuration script, which is executed at startup.


config-override.g holds the configuration parameters that were saved when you last ran M500. Your config.g file should normally include command M501 near the end, to load these saved values at startup and override any similar commands earlier in config.g.

Homing Scripts Files

  • homex.g, homey.g, homez.g and homeall.g are the homing scripts for a Cartesian or CoreXY printer. For a delta printer there is homedelta.g instead.
  • bed.g holds the script for probing the bed and calculating bed compensation on a Cartesian or CoreXY printer, or doing delta calibration on a delta printer.
  • pause.g is run when you pause a print.
  • resume.g is run when you resume a print.

Optional Configuration Files

  • Cancel.g – if present is run when you cancel a paused print.
  • start.g – if present is run whenever you start a job from the SD card
  • stop.g – if present is run when a SD card print finishes normally with a M0 command at the end of the print job.
  • iap4e.bin (Duet WiFi/Ethernet) or iap4s.bin (Duet Maestro) – a helper file used to install new main firmware.
  • trigger2.g or trigger3.g – files that can be configured to run when particular endstop pins are triggered, for example by an emergency-stop button.

BLTouch Files

The BLtouch needs to be deployed and retracted. The following script files are used deployprobe.g and retractprobe.g are used. 

  • deployprobe.g
  • retractprobe.g

The deployprobe.g and retractprobe.g files are activated by the M401 and M402 commands.

RepRap Firmware Config Tool

The config tool can be used to set up these files for your printer type: https://configtool.reprapfirmware.org/St…

The /www folder and its subfolders hold the files served by the web server. If you are setting up a new SD card, populate the /www folder by extracting the contents of the DuetWebControl.zip file to it.