Houston Maker Faire 2018
Houston Maker Faire

Maker Faire is a interesting gathering of makers and creative people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do with the maker communnity. If you enjoy technology and the DIY approach to life you’ll fit right in.

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Houston Maker Faire

Re:3D Gigabot Large Scale 3D Printer

Gigabot Large Scale 3D Printer

re:3D showcase their new 3d printer pellet extruder. Their printer the Gigabot X is a large scale 3d printer with a optional 3d printer pellet extruder for large scale 3d printing.

re:3d Gigabot 3D Printer
re:3d Gigabot 3D Printer
Gigabot Printer Pellet Extruder
Gigabot Printer Pellet Extruder

3D Printed Violins

Here’s some really cool 3d printed Violins designed and developed by Lune Yang.



We had a chance to check out PolyPrinter. They manufacture and sell fdm 3d printers that have amazing print quality.


Ponytrap Band of Robots

We got a chance to Ponytrap at the Houston Maker Faire 2018. They’re an interesting band of two who play along with robot drummers that they buildt theirselfs. Ponytrap played an awesome show and was a highlight of Houston Maker Faire 2018.

Modular 3D Printer

Modular 3D Printer

3D Printer Food & Chocolate Extruder

3D Printer Food Extruder

Here’s a prototype model of our chocolate extruder. Its more of a experimental paste extruder/injection tool that can be used for foods and other types soft solids or thick resins.

Houston Maker Faire 12
Houston Maker Faire


For more DIY, maker and 3d printed awesomeness…. check out MRRF.

Duet 3 Mainboard Wiring

Duet 2 vs Duet 3

Duet 3 Mainboard Wiring While a Duet 3 won’t be replacing the Duet 2 anytime soon, it’s a much more professional electronics board that adds…
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SolidCore CoreXY – Frame

Frame Profile Specs Size 2020 or 20mm x 20mm Style T-Slot BOM Part List PartQuantityDescriptionSourceDocumentationFolderFrame Extrusions2020 T-SlotZylTechFrame Size ListFrame Folder570mm Long6Vertical (Tall)ZylTechFrame Size ListFrame Folder430mm…
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Houston Maker Faire 16

3D Printing

3D Printing Recommended Print Settings PLA PLA / Polylactic acid is a biodegradable thermoplastic most commonly used in most FDM 3d printers. Easy to PrintDurable…
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Houston Maker Faire 17

Duet 3 Wiring Guide

duet 3 Mainboard-Duet3D-Electronics How To Wire The Duet 3 Mainboard 6HC The Duet 3 is a great board for your 3d printer, but wiring it…
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    Hello Shane, looking at SolidCore Printer Parts Kit. Is this complete kit or would require more ( Top plates, metal…

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    Hi where can I find the files for the new idler mounts? the new version aren’t include on thingverse and…

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    Hi All. Love the design & your other designs i.e. the workhorse. I am very interested in building a fixed…