3D Distributed in Conroe, Texas

3D Distributed is a Texas-based company that designs and manufactures 3d printing systems and technologies. While the company may have a wide range of products the main focus is on open modular machine design. The idea is to have a family of modular machine components that can be switched out for a range of different applications. If you need to use Nema 23’s instead of Nema 17’s, no problem. We have a component for that.  If you want to jump from belt driven to leadscrew, we have a component for that. Our products are designed to be used universally or with other machines or just in any suitable configuration.

Because we are a machine shop, we make all the parts ourselves and we are able to sell them to customers at fair and affordable prices, lower than any of our rivals. Our products can also be made available to clients very quickly. Our company slogan is ‘Make anything’ and it is one we strive to live up to every working day. For more information on buying printer components and accessories from us, call (936) 209-5588.

Gantry Services

The gantry on a 3d printer is the frame that supports the printer head, and comes complete with printer extruders. Everything we do here is designed to benefit the customer, and we can make a variety of sizes.

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Carriage Plates Services

When constructing a 3d printer carriage, it is essential that the carriage plates are properly made and well fitted. At 3D Distributed we have a lot of experience and have been focusing on the extruders.

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Motor Mount Services

Motor mounts are sturdy brackets that are vital components in all 3d printers. We produce them here and they are available at the best price locally. Call us any time on (936) 209-5588.

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