SolidCore CoreXY Y-Carriage


Aluminum carriage for the y-axis or printhead of the SolidCore Printer.

Available for MGN12, MGN12-H, and MGN9 linear rails



SolidCore CoreXY Y-Carriage

Hotend Mount to Y-Carriage Assembly Diagram

Hotend Mount to Y-Carriage Assembly Diagram

Aluminum carriage for the SolidCore Printer

Available for MGN12, MGN9 linear rails


Y-Axis Linear Guide Design Options

The goal is to have a modular carriage assembly with interchangeable print heads. The carriage was designed to be lightweight but strong and interchangeable. The all-metal design uses “c”-shaped aluminum channels to reduce weight and machine time. The current design mounts to a MGN12 and MGN12-H linear rail but a MGN9 is also available to reduce weight and increase travel distance.


We plan to adapt an E3D Toolchanger eventually and are prototyping tool changing options.

Gantry Movement & Motion System

Balancing the pull to the center of carriage instead above it or below seems to be more rigid and minimize deflection. The belts should run along the same plane as the linear rails depending on pulley and belt brand used. To avoid rocking along the x-axis and belt tensioning issues, keep the belt path as parallel as possible with the x-axis with proper spacers to minimize vertical movement of the idler pulleys.

Belt Tensioning

The SolidCore uses a simple belt tensioning design where the XY-stepper motors move within slots to tension the belt system rather that belt tensioning on the y-carriage or gantry.

Download  3D Model


For More Information See:

SolidCore CoreXY

Kit Options

Y-Carriage Dimensions

The standard y-carriage has a 20mm x 20mm hole pattern to mount to MGN12-H Linear Rails.

Y-Carriage Dimensions

Y-Carriage Dimensions

Y-Carriage Installation & Assembly

Gantry Assembly: Y-Carriage & X-Carriage Alignment

Belt Routing


H-Bot Kinematics

The Y-Carriage can also be used in a Hbot belt path and kinematics.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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