SolidCore X-Carriage Kit


Aluminum carriage for the SolidCore Printer. Includes all parts:

2x Carriages



MGN12 or MGN9 linear rail clip



SolidCore X-Carriage Kit

*For Complete Transparency* It’s been taking up to two months to ship out SolidCore Kits to the first users. The official release will be 5/4/21. We’ll make a production run of 10 -20 kits. We made some changes to almost every part of the machine. It’s going to cost more but it will be a solid design. We’re expecting the next batch to take four weeks to ship but last time we said that it took two months. The release of the SolidCore Printer is also slowing down delivery dates of the WorkHorse Printer kits. WorkHorse kits are currently shipping four weeks from the order. There has also been updates to the WorkHorse design.

Yes we know the PayPal Buy isn’t working.

Due to longer than expected shipping dates we are no longer taking orders until 4/30/21. Then we are going to open up to take 10-20 kit orders. email to get your order in Queue.


Aluminum X-axis carriage kit for the SolidCore 3D printer.

Kit includes:

2 x X-Carriages

2 x MGN12 Rail Clips (MGN9 Available)

4 x Spacers

Available for MGN9 Linear Rails or Other Customization.

X-Carriage Dimensions here

Download X-Carriage 3D Models:

Thingiverse X-Axis Carriage

Download 3D Models


For More Information See:

SolidCore CoreXY




Additional information

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