Kinematic Coupling Mounts With Magnetic Preload


Kinematic Coupling Mounts With Magnetic Preload for the SolidCore CoreXY 3D Printer build plate.


Kinematic Coupling Mounts With Magnetic Preload

Kinematic Coupling Kit Includes

3 x kinematic coupling mounts with pins and magnets

Each Coupled Mounting Base has a M4 thread hole to attach to the z-axis bed brackets. The mounting base or pad can rotate and be adjusted. This may also be challenging to line up at the correct angle in order to seat properly. The mounts are magnetically constrained.

Kinematic Coupling Mounts for the SolidCore CoreXY bed and z-axis bed system. The kinematic bed on the Solidcore CoreXY is magnetically held onto steel spheres which allows for the bed to tilt and pivot while being properly constrained at 3 points of contact. The pivot balls that attach the Z-axis bed mounts can be held into position by the weight of the bed or magnetic force. Dowel pins are used to ensure that there is zero lateral play on the bed while lifting or heating.

Thermal Expansion & Bed Flatness

The advantage of a kinematic bed mount is that the defined plane of the bed can maintain flatness and properly expand without bending the plate.



SolidCore CoreXY

Kinematic Bed



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