Creating a lathe tool

Start by opening your tool manager. This is the second tab at the bottom left of the screen.  Esprit CAM Tutorial-Creating & Adding Tools 1

To add a tool, select the desired station where you would like to add the tool, then right click.

*To load a tool that has already been created, select File / Open and the Tool Library window will appear.  This will display all of the saved tools.  Click open to add the tool

*To create a new tool, select New / Turning Tool / Turning Insert

This will open the below window, with detailed information on the turning insert geometry.  

Esprit CAM Tutorial-Creating & Adding Tools 2

The insert we are creating is a CNMG-432, which is used for roughing operations.

-Note the geometry graphic that helps show what each setting represents –

-Note be sure the insert ID at the top box always matches the settings below. 

Next click on the Holder tab, at the top of the window.  

Esprit CAM Tutorial-Creating & Adding Tools 3
Esprit CAM Tutorial-Creating & Adding Tools 4

The tool holder settings and insert settings determine the directions and geometries that your tool can cut.  Under Holder Properties, click Style.  This will open the window to the right, which shows the different styles available, and the directions they can cut.  

We will use the J style -3 degree, as this is a good style for roughing.

Now select the General Tab.Esprit CAM Tutorial-Creating & Adding Tools 5

In the “Tool ID” box, type a name for the tool, something that describes its settings.  

The orientation box is how the machine determines the direction the tool is held.  Select 3V for OD turning.  This orientation will allow us to do rough OD operations, and light facing operations. 

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