Railcore 3D Printer

Railcore 3D Printer
Railcore 3D Printer with Metal Upgrades Enclosure

RailCore Labs

We first discovered RailCore Labs and their beautiful corexy design at MRRF 2019. The Railcore 3d printer was designed by designed by Tony Akens and J. Steve White when discussing an idea of a core xy printer with linear rails on the x,y and z-axis on Reprap IRC.

The Railcore is a 3d printer designed with 15mm extrusions for the printer frame to bring down the cost. 15mm Extrusions use m3 hardware which is much cheaper when compared to m4 or m5 hardware. Although 15mm extrusions and m3 hardware may be less rigid the printer gains it’s rigidity from the reinforcement of the side panels. Many more design decisions were made to make the printer build as space efficient as possible while maximizing build volume. The printer build gains it’s rigidity

RailCore II 300ZL

The original Railcore printer is no longer available due to the updated 300 ZL and ZLT version. But here’s the details:

  • Linear Rails XYZ Axis
  • 300mm x 300mm x 330mm Build Area
  • ZLT is 300m x 300mm x 600mm Build Area
  • Auto Leveling
  • Hotend: E3D V6 or Mosquito
  • 0.9 Degree Steppers
  • Hardware: 3D Printed Parts or Machined Aluminum Upgrades


One of the nice things about the Railcore is the ecosystem up aluminum upgrade parts. 713Maker manufactures a variety of CNC machined aluminum parts such as motor and idler mounts. Mathew from 713 Maker also manufactures aluminum heat bed plates and a halo. Hopefully soon we’ll see some carbon fiber upgrades available.

Tool Changer

If you’ve been following E3D you’re probably aware of the tool changing 3d printer. As of now there isn’t a tool changer option but all the printers being shipped out by Project R3D use the DuetX5 expansion board instead of the DuetX2 board. This will give RC users the hardware needed to implement the tool changing printer concept.

Railcore 2020

As of now the RC is only available with a 15mm extrusion frame kit. But the printer is designed to be modular and scalable . One of the limitations to increasing the size of the printer is frame rigidity. I predict that we’ll soon see a 20mm x 20mm version of this printer.

Large RailCore

Large RailCore 3d Printer
Large RailCore 3d Printer

There may not be a 20mm x 20mm frame extrusion available but Anthony Wheeler from Sign Monkey built a custom large RailCore build with a 30mm x 30mm extrusion and Nema 23’s stepper motors.

Large RailCore Z-Axis Yoke
Large RailCore Z-Axis Yoke

Here’s the z-axis setup for Anthony’s large scale RailCore Build. Those custom Nema 23 motor mount brackets are the best I’ve seen so far.

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