CoreXY Printers #MRRF2019

The Reprap movement is alive and well at #MRRF2019. While there were many amazing 3d printer builds at the Midwest Reprap Festival 2019, what caught my was the corexy 3d printer designs and builds. The core-xy motion system is my favorite machineĀ kinematics. The belt routing path is clever and useful for 3d printer motion. For such a small grass roots event like MRRF 2019 you can find some of the best corexy 3d printers of 2019.

CoreXY Builds

  • E3D Tool Changer
  • RailCore Labs
  • Project R3D
  • Exoslide
  • Tallboy
  • Kuntry3D’s 3D Printed Hypercube

Rise of the E3D Toolchangers

Large Scale E3D Tool Changer Printer
Large Scale E3D Tool Changer Printer

Last year at MRRF 2018, E3D intrigued listeners as they explained their 3d printer tool changer design. It wasn’t the first time that 3d printer designers have implemented automatic tool changing into 3d printing technology. But E3D caught the imagination of everyone and showed us a glimps of the future of 3d printing.  The Toolchanger is a advanced 3d printer setup that allows you to have multiple print heads available but only one located onto the xy gantry. This allows you to have multiple materials and colors but keep the printer fast with the light weight motion system.

E3D Tool Changer Close Up
E3D Tool Changer Close Up

Ever since the Tool Changer presentation many 3d printer designers and builders have been racing to develop their own system or E3D Tool Changer clone. Not that E3D minds, they’ll be publishing the complete design open source on Thingiverse soon.

RailCore CoreXY

Railcore ii 300zl

If you havn’t heard of the RailCore 3D Printer you should check it out. It’s pretty much the best corexy printer kit available at the moment. In addition to it’s slick design the printer uses linear rails on all three axis. We had a chance to catch up with RailCore Labs and Project R3D at the show. RailCore Labs is the creator of the RailCore line of printers and Project R3D is the main manufacture of the printer and kits. The machine design is done well and there are a ecosystem of upgrade available. In addition to the crew of RailCore exhibiting at #MMRF2019, 713Maker and Mandala Rose Works were also exhibiting. The two companies manufacture all the really pretty CNC machined aluminum upgrades and parts that make up the RailCore ecosystem. The RailCore printer in image below has a custom all metal machined aluminum enclosure manufactured by 713Maker. 713Maker also manufactures other machined aluminum upgrade parts for a range of delta printers and other variousĀ printer kits that are in need for metal upgrades.

Exoslide 3D Printer

Exoslide CoreXY 3D Printer

The Exoslide is a scalable core-xy design influenced by the Voron II. It has a moving gantry with a custom carriage setup.

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