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Unfortunately the picture above isn’t the new Prusa XL. It’s a clip from Joel Telling’s 3D Printing Nerd Youtube video.

While there’s been much talk about the circulating screen shot from Joel Telling’s tour on the internet, Josef commented in a Reddit post that “No some lab member put mk3 into an cube frame. Sorry guys, we wouldn’t be having prototypes in the public lab…”

Prusa announced October 2019 that they have a upcoming 400mm x 400mm CoreXY printer they call the Prusa XL. It’ll be interesting to see Prusa’s design style and capabilities implemented in a corexy motion system.

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Prusa XL Build Volume

Prusa Research states “Prusa XL” 3D printer which will have a whopping 400 x 400 x 400 mm build volume and will be based on CoreXY architecture. The company says it will have “a new geared extruder and an improved heatbed — among other things,”

CoreXY Architecture

The original Prusa kinematics makes the design challenging to scale up in size or build volume. Although, the corexy kinematics has similar design constraints but the overall build volume of the printer doesn’t become problematic until the 400mm x 400mm range and a well designed machine can push the envelope up to 600mm.

Prusa stated “We’re being asked constantly about new 3D printers. I guess that it doesn’t come as a surprise when I say that the current COVID-19 situation is causing major issues with shipping and sourcing parts. So even though we’re able to continue with the development of the “XL”, at this point, I don’t want to share any estimations, because they could lead to false hopes and the development process of the printer is not close to the finish. It all depends on how the current situation turns out in the near future.”

“The good news is that we have more time to tweak and optimize the entire machine. And some of the features might trickle down to the successor to the MK3S. And as always we will do our best to provide an upgrade path, when the time for a new version comes.”

On a PrusaLive Josef Prusa explained that. “it’s still planned but no time soon. Going from prototype to production is hard. Especially with COVID,” Joseph went on to say “don’t expect any date, and “if we’re very lucky maybe by the end of the year.”

“We’re still deep in development of the XL (CoreXY) 3D printer and it’s quite possible that some of the best features of both new printers will find their way to the good ol’ MK3 in a form of an affordable upgrade.”

Prusa XL Release Date

Recently on twitter Josef stated they will announce “something different at the Dubai Expo 2020” Although it’s unknown if he’s referring to the XL or a different upcoming Prusa product. In early 2021, Prusa Research mentioned the showcasing an automated print farm based off the Prusa XL at the Dubai Expo 2021. The Dubai Expo has been postponed until 2022, so the wait continues.

Prusa Announcement

Unfortunately there hasn’t been anymore announcements on the Prusa corexy in recent months. Although the Dubai Expo is far from near, we look forward to see the new and upcoming Prusa XL.

Prusa XL Pre Order

There is much talk about a Prusa XL corexy pre-order throughout the internet. Prusa fans on Reddit frequently discuss purchasing a Prusa XL or hopefully signing up for a pre-order.

Prusa XL Tool Changer

Prusa mentioned in a November 2020 blog that the developers have had “more time to work on the XL, we decided to add tool changing to it.” Maybe Prusa users will have the same functionality as an E3D Toolchanger or maybe we’ll see something even better.

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