Rapid Event TCT

Rapid Event TCT 1
Rapid + TCT

The RAPID + TCT also know as Rapid Event is a conference that’s known worldwide as North America’s most influential additive manufacturing conference. Industry leaders in additive manufacturing demonstrate the latest 3d printers and 3d printing technology in the world. Experts review case studies on how the technology is transforming traditional manufacturing and present advanced applications of additive manufacturing.

Industrial 3D Printing

BigRep Large Scale 3D Printer

Take a look at Bigrep’s large format 3d printer at Rapid Event 2018 aka Rapid + TCT. Bigrep’s large format 3d printer has a 1m x 1m x 1m build area and prints all the basic fdm materials and filament.

Rapid Event TCT 2
BigRep Large Scale 3D Printer
Rapid Event TCT 3
Rapid Event + TCT
Rapid Event TCT 4
BigRep Extruder

3D Printed Motorcycle

Have you ever wanted to 3d print a motorcycle? These guys did. Check out the CarbonX by 3DXTECH. The 3d printed motorcycle is printed out of carbon fiber reinforced nylon.

More Additive Manufacturing Awesomeness

3D Printed Engine

Permatex has partnered with Polimotor LLC and its founder, Matti Holtzberg to help develop Polimotor 2, the next generation of polymer engines. The Polimotor 2 engine was designed with fiber reinforced polymer engine parts that are used in place of some of the traditional metal components, in order to reduce weight. Weight reduction is a critical factor in both racecars and everyday vehicles in order to maximize fuel economy and horsepower.

3D Printing In Metal

Rapid Event TCT 5
Mazak Hybrid CNC

Mazak has a hybrid CNC machine that can 3d print metal and it’s as awesome as it sounds. Designed and manufactured by Mazak, the VC-500 AM HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine combines full 5-axis capability and additive technology that adds layer to additive manufacturing.

  • Optimum Part Finish
  • High Accuracy

This hightech hybrid machine builds parts to near net shape up to 10 times faster than other similar systems. No need to waste expensive material and losing time by large amounts of metal from a solid stock using traditional machining methods. The compact 5-axis platform named the VC-500 AM is cost effective and accommodates a wide range of part sizes and shapes.


Raise3D 3D Printing
Raise3D 3D Printing
Raise3D 3D Printing

Raise3D presenting parts from their large format Pro 2 Series high-resolution 3D printer.

Stacker 3D Printers

Stacker 3D Printers
Stacker S4-XL 3D Printer

Stacker S4-XL

  • S4-XL Build Volume 610 x 610 x 610mm
  • S2 Build Volume 490mm x 390mm x 650mm
  • Closed loop servos for ZERO lost steps
  • Four Print Heads Independent
  • Combo Drive Extruders
Stacker 3D Printers
Stacker 3D Printers
Stacker hotend
Stacker hotend
WorkHorse Printer

WorkHorse XL

The Workhorse XL is a larger version of the Workhorse Printer. Although the original design is modular and made to be expanded upon the frame…
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Rapid Event TCT 6

Workhorse Printer

The Workhorse Printer is a large format, open source 3d printer released by 3D Distributed in 2018. The printer is a modular machine platform that uses…
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Rapid Event TCT 7

Railcore 3D Printer

We first discovered RailCore Labs and their beautiful corexy design at MRRF 2019. The Railcore 3d printer was designed by designed by Tony Akens and…
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