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3D Distributed is an established machining company located in Conroe, TX. The company was founded in 2008, in a very challenging economic climate. The company learned and applied lean manufacturing processes and digital manufacturing technologies. Eddie Cox , a mastered tool and die tech partnered with Shane Hooper, a technical design and digital manufacturing practitioner offer a unique service that is much needed in the Houston area. Our machine shop has been involved in the oil and gas industry and the aerospace industry for years and now has a found a great strength in product design and prototype to production. Conroe Manufacturing offers CNC machining services such as milling, turning and rapid prototyping. What really sets our machine shop from others is the fact we adopt digital manufacturing and design techniques and combine it with tool and die making. Customers really appreciate the companies ability to work with customers to bring a product to market. We can collaborate on the design process to ensure “design for manufacturing” and an economical production of parts. Ask about our 3D Design Consulting and Rapid Protoyping Services here in Conroe, TX and surrounding areas.



Phone: (936) 689-3522

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