BigRep Studio

We had a chance to see BigRep’s large scale 3d printer at the Rapid Event + TCT additive manufacturing convention. They had two printers on display:

  • BigRep Studio
  • BigRep One

BigRep is an industry leader in professional large scale 3d printers. They we’re one of the first companies to manufacture large machines big enough to 3d print furniture.

BigRep One

BigRep One at Rapid Event + TCT

The BigRep One was their first machine. It’s massive 1m x 1m print area will print almost anything you want. The large industrial printer uses a fdm process also know as fff(fused filiment fabrication).

BigRep Studio Review

BigRep Studio Review

BigRep representives gave us a thorough presentation as we reviewed the features of the highend machines. The large format Bigrep Studio has a print volume of 500 mm x 1000 mm x 500mm and a heated chamber.

Titan Atlas 3D Printer

Titan Atlas Large Scale 3D Printer

The Atlas 3d printer by Titan Robotic is a industrial 3D Printer with XY and Z-axis driven with high helix ball screw and servo controls. The high speed machine uses filament extrusion extrude large volumes of liquid plastic at rediculous speeds up to 350mm/second. The hybrid pellet / filament extrusion system is a great solution for insanely fast 3d prints.

  • Ball Screw Drive X,Y and Z-axis
  • Pellet Extruder

Pellet Extruder

Titan Atlas Large Scale 3d printer Pellet Extruder

Titan Robotics utilizes pellet extrusion to increases print speeds up to 10X faster. In addition pellet extrusion aslo increases the number of different materials that can be printed with. Many use the pellet extruder mix different types of materials such as soft rubber plastics to strong, high temperature or even carbon-fiber filled plastics.

  • Faster Print Speeds
  • Custom Material Blends

Titan robotics also manufactures their own high flow extruder they call the Mastiff. The custom filament extruder increases filament printing speeds by 3X compared to Titan’s previous filament extruders. The average printing flow rate of the extruder is up to 1 pound per hour and is compatible with most FDM filaments such as ABS, PC+PBT, PETG and PLA.