WorkHorse XL 3D Printer 600x600x600 Build Volume
WorkHorse XL 3D Printer 600x600x600

The Workhorse XL is a larger version of the Workhorse Printer. Although the original design is modular and made to be expanded upon the frame extrusions must be beefed up to maintain regidity.

The Workhorse Printer is a large format, open source 3d printer released by 3D Distributed in 2018. The unique printer is a modular machine platform that uses lead screw driven motion to allow for an extended range of applications.

WorkHorse XL

Most 3d printers use belt driven motion in the x and y axis to increase print speed but loses quality when more weight is applied to the gantry or carriage. The lead screw used on the Workhorse has a high helix pitch with multiple threads to allow increased print speeds while maintaining the quality provided from lead screw and ball screw motion.

The robust and rigid system is particularly useful in applications that add more weight to the gantry or carriage. Materials such as clay, chocolate, plastic pellet extrusion or other foods can increase weight that is moved around which results decreased quality or print speeds.


WorkHorse XL
Workhorse XL Aluminum Gantry Plates

WorkHorse XL Files

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On the WorkHorse XL we recommend the Duet 3 Mainboard electronics by Duet3D instead of the Duet 2 Wifi.


Nema 17 Stepper Motor (Extruder)Zyltech1
NEMA 23 280oz/in Stepper MotorZyltech5
DuetWifiDuet 3 MainB1
Lead ScrewUnitsPart NumberDiscription
Igus 790mm Long (X Axis)2DST-LS-10×50-R 
Igus 830mm Long (Y Axis)1DST-LS-10×50-R 
Lead Screw Nuts3DST-JFRM009 
Zyltech2HW-SC-T12x2-cut-med12mm T12x2 Trapezoidal ACME Lead Screw w/ Brass Nut
Linear RailsUnitsDiscriptionSource
700mm Long w/1 Carriage Block(X & Y Axis)3pcsMGN12H 20mm x 20mm Holes w/1 Carriage BlockZyltech
700mm Long X w/2 Carriage Block (Z-Axis)4pcsMGN12H 20mm x 20mm Holes w/2 Carriage Block Zyltech
WorkHorse XL BOM