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Table of Contents

1 Introduction                                                                      

1.1    Product Description                                                     

1.2    Build of Materials                                                        

2 Technical Specifications                                                            

2.1  General Printer Specifications                                    


3 Precautions and Safety                                                     

4 Preparation and Tools Needed                                         

4.1 Preparation                                                                           

4.2 Tools Needed                                                                       

5 Assembling the Frame                                                       

5.1 Frame BOM 10

5.2 Frame Assembly                                                                   

5.3 Frame Alignment  15         

1 Introduction

1.1 Product Description

The Workhorse Printer is an open source 3d printer designed by 3D Distributed in 2016. The unique printer is a modular machine platform that uses lead screw driven motion to allow for an extended range of applications. Most 3d printers use belt driven motion in the x and y axis to increase print speed but loses quality when more weight is applied to the gantry or carriage. The lead screw used on the Workhorse Printer has a high helix pitch with multiple threads to allow increased print speeds while maintaining the quality provided from lead screw and ball screw motion.The robust and rigid system is particularly useful in applications that add more weight to the gantry or carriage. Materials such as clay, chocolate, plastic pellet extrusion or other foods can increase weight that is moved around which results decreased quality or print speeds. Workhorse Printers are available to purchase in Machined Component Kit, Hardware Kit or Complete Kit. Currently fully assembled Workhorse Printers are only available locally in Houston Texas or for Beta Testers with approval.

Type: FDM

Launched in: 2016

Assembly: Fully Assembled or Kit

Mechanical Arrangement: Cartesian-XYZ-Head

Materials: PLA, ABS

Printer Dimensions: 945mm x 610mm x 565mm

Filament Diameter: 3mm or 1.75

Build Volume: 650mm x 350mm x 350mm

Layer Resolution: 100-300 Microns

Feeder System: Direct Drive or Bowden Tube

Max Extruder Head Temperature: 350 C

Frame: Aluminum

Leveling: Fixed w/Probing Function

Display: Any Computer or device with wifi and an internet browser



Connectivity: Wifi, SD

Print Recovery: Yes

Filament Monitor: No

Slicer: Cura

Bed: Massive 1/2″ aluminum plate

3 Precautions and Safety

All FDM printers use heating elements and electrical power. This means there is an inherent risk of electrical fault burns or fire associated with their use, much like there is an inherent risk associated with driving a car. We have incorporated safety features to minimise these risks. You should follow these precautions to help ensure operator safety.

  • Keep in climate controlled environment
  • Keep the product out of reach of children.
  • Disconnect printer from all electrical sources before cleaning or maintenance.
  • Maintain wire management to avoid pulled/ripped wires. Contact us if you have any concerns.
  • Keep printer clear of any highly flammable materials. Especially low flash point oils and greases.
  • Keep all heating elements and associated electronics maintained.
  • Do not reach into printer while nozzle or bed are heated to avoid burns
  • Take basic fire safety precautions. Keep in a room with smoke alarms.
3d Printer Travel Dimensions


Misumi Extrusions for FrameLengthUnitsDiscriptionPart #
HFS5-2020930mm Long4pcsHorizontalsHFS5-2020-930
HFS5-2020510mm Long6pcsVerticalsHFS5-2020-510
HFS5-2020570mm Long10pcsWidthsHFS5-2020-570
HFS5-2020808mm Long3pcsBed SupportHFS5-2020-808
Gantry ExtrusionsLengthUnitsDiscriptionPart#
HFS5-2040770.5 Long2pcsGantry HorizontalsHFS5-2040-770
HFS5-2040456Long1pcsY-Axis ExtrusionHFS5-2040-465
HFS5-2040510 Long4pcs.Z axis Linear Rail VerticalsHFS5-2040-510
Frame ComponentsTypeUnitsDiscriptionPart#
Frame Brackets20mm Wide90pcsReversal Tabbed BracketsHBLFSNF5
T-Nuts (Misumi)M475pcsM4HNKK5-4
T-Nuts (Misumi)M5180pcsM5HNKK5-5
T-Nuts (Misumi)M375pcsM3HNKK5-3
M3x8mm LongMounts to Carriage12pcs
M3x6mm LongCarriage to Linear Rail12pcs
M3x35mm LongC-Carriage Insert8pcs
M3x10mm LongGantry to Linear Rail32pcs
M5x12mm LongNema23 to Mount12pcs
M5x20mm LongNeed Yaxis to nut mount4pcs
M5x20mm LongC-Carriage to Extrusion6pcs
M5x10mm LongEnclosure40pcs
M5x16mmZ-Axis motor Mount6pcs
M3x5mmExtruder Motor to mount4pcs
Lead ScrewPart Number
Igus 762mm Long (X Axis) 2pcsDST-LS-10×50-R 
Igus 485mm Long (Y Axis) 1pcDST-LS-10×50-R 
Lead Screw Nuts 3pcsDST-JFRM009 
Acme Leadscrew Mcmaster Carr (Z Axis) 2pcs
Acme Leadscrew Mcmaster Carr (Z Axis) Brass Nuts 2pcs
Linear RailsDiscription
450mm Long w Y axis (1pc) MGN12H 20mm x 20mm Hole Pattern
700mm Long X Axis (2pc)MGN12H 20mm x 20mm Hole Pattern
500mm Long Z Axis (4pc)MGN12H 20mm x 20mm Hole Pattern
Machined Hardware
4″ plate kit 2pcs w/bearings
X- Axis C- Carriages 2pcs
Y-Axis C- Carriage 1pc
Y-Axis Motor Mount 1pc
Y-Axis Idler Mount 1pc
Hotend Mount
Z-Axis Motor Mounts 2pcs
Aluminum Bed
Linear RailsDiscription
450mm Long w Y axis (1pc) MGN12H 20mm x 20mm Hole Pattern
700mm Long X Axis (2pc)MGN12H 20mm x 20mm Hole Pattern
500mm Long Z Axis (4pc)MGN12H 20mm x 20mm Hole Pattern
Nema 17 Stepper Motor2pcs
NEMA 23 280oz/in X2pcs
NEMA 23 140oz/in Y 1pcs
Duet Wifi Expansion Board1pcs

3D Printer Hardware Assembly

  • Frame
  • Gantry
  • Motors
  • Lead Screw
  • Motors
  • Carriage
  • Electronics 
  • Wiring
  • Enclosure
Frame Assembly
C-Carriage Assembly
Linear Rail Alignment
X-Axis Assembly
Duet Wifi Set Up