Create a new sketch

Draw a eight inch circle in the center of your grid.

Draw a one inch circle referenced from X0. On your keyboard type “d” to activate the dimension tool. Dimension the vertical distance 3.2″ from the origin.

On the Sketch Toolbar click the drop down arrow and click on circular pattern.

Click on the Object Select button. Select the 1″ circle. Next click on the Center Point Selection button. Select the 8″ circle to utilize the center point. This will be the center point that the circular pattern will revolve around.

In the Quantity box, input a quantity of 8. This will create an eight hole bolt circle.

On your keyboard, type “E” for extrude. Select inside the 8″ circle to extrude the drawing profile. Enter 1″ in the Distance input and hit enter or OK.

Congradulations! You just created your first solid body.

Create a sketch on the face of the body.

Draw a 1/2″ circle in the second quadrant.

Select the dimension tool and constrain the 1/2′ circle:

  • Vertical = 1.25
  • Hoizontal = 1.5

On the Sketch toolbar, select the Create dropdown. Select the Rectangular Pattern tool.