SolidCore Printer Parts Kit


SolidCore CoreXY Printer DIY Parts Kit


*Note: Buyer must get approval before purchase. Contact:

This isn’t a finished product but the basic parts to get started. Due to the high demand of people wanting to experiment or adopt the SolidCore platform into their current build or design we are offering the basic hardware kit. You will need to source your own frame exrusions, motor, etc.. Please contact before purchase to more details and purchase approval. 1st time builders or users not advised. The kit does not include side plates or bed plate but can be added. If you would like to add the bed or other customized parts to the order contact:

Kit includes:

2 x corexy motor mount plates

2 x corexy idler mount plates

2 x corexy x-axis carriage assembly

1 x y-axis carriage

1 x Bowden style hotend mount

3 x z-axis bed drive mounts

3 x z-axis motor mounts

3 x z-axis lead screw idler arm

Parts may take up to 2-4 weeks to ship. Contact to calculate production schedule.



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