3D Printer Filament and Accessories

At 3D Distributed we provide three main services. Our technicians make 3d printer gantries, the frame structures that support the printer heads along the X/Y axis. Gantries are moved by stepper motors which use digital pulses to move and track the gantries. We also make carriage plates, and plan to focus more on extruders. And we make our own 3d printer motor mounts.

You can buy a wide range of other parts and accessories from us. They include 3d printer ink, filaments, hotends, extruders, printer parts kits, replacement parts, and upgrades. Our shop is just north of Houston but we attract most of our custom from the city. We produce all the components and accessories in-house and are able to sell them to our clients at a much lower cost than our competitors. So for the best 3d printer shop locally, look no further than 3D Distributed.

CNC Machining and 3D Printing Services

3D Distributed has a full machine shop and 3d printing shop. Located in Conroe, Texas we offer many manufacturing methods to get your parts made.Email us for a quote or request a dxf file of a product:

Custom or Modifications of any Component

In addition to 3D Distributed’s array of products, we also offer custom machining and modification of products. That’s right, if there is any component we offer but isn’t quite the geometry for your need, we will custom make or modify most products. Email us for a Quote or request a dxf file of a product:

Consulting and Training Workshops

Want to get your school or business involved in 3d printing? Ask about our consulting or training workshops. 3D Distributed has a highly trained staff that can come to your school or organization and train you on the latest 3d printing tech. Make appointment today

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