E3D Tool Changer

E3D Tool Changing 3D Printer at MRRF 2018

E3D Toolchanger

If you havn’t seen the E3D Tool Changing motion system , you’ve been missing out. The open source plans should be released sometime in 2019. As of now the printer has been in it’s beta phase as E3D works out the details. The above video shows the E3D tool changer in action switching from hotend to hotend to print in multiple colors and materials. E3D first presented the machine at MidWest Rep Rap Festival 2018 where they captured the imagination of the Reprap community. The motion system is a eye opening experience to witness in person. The custom built printer includes nozzle cleaning brush that is utilized between tool changes. The demonstration was one of the main highlights at MRRF 2018. where you will find more printers than you can imagine.

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